Alexander Feindt – MAN Energy Solutions

We have from 2019 started the investigation and the development of the Ammonia burning 2 stroke engine.

Ammonia differs from other dual fuel used in engines today, by being slow burning and it takes more Energy to get it ignited. In addition, there are emissions such as higher NOx, Ammonia slip which have to be limited and the N2O in exhaust have to be totally avoided. All these parameters as well as keeping the power and high efficiency, are essential for engine design.

To get this far, a large number of tests must be performed in our research Centre so that design requirements can be set. The goal is an Ammonia burning two-stroke engine ready for delivery to a yard in 2024.

In addition I will cover the four-stroke work in the research consortium “AmmoniaMot”.

The presentation will be a summary of the development experience and test status.