Reception and
> 09:00 - 09:30
Session 1
Opening by chairman - Bob Wind
> 09:30 > Opening by chairman
Keynote - Ad van Wijk
> 09:35 > Will be submitted later
Isothermal Ammonia Synthesis and Separation - Edward Cussler
> 10:05 > A story about synthesizing ammonia using wind energy stranded in the central USA
Will be submitted later - Rick Musleh
> 10:30 > Will be submitted later
Coffee Break
Session 2
Break-out session: Sustainable ammonia production from sun, air and water - Dorottya Gubán & Josua Vieten
> 11:30 > Results of a recent experimental campaign using up to 2 kg of SrFeO3-δ of redox material irradiated in a rotary kiln reactor
Break-out session: Experimental investigation of product gas characteristics of ammonia - Akihiro Hayakawa
> 11:30 > Experimental investigation of product gas characteristics of ammonia/air laminar premixed flames
Break-out session: Controlled industrial-scale combustion of ammonia for carbon-free high-temperature applications - Sander Lems
> 12:00 > How to handle the ammonia-rich streams of refineries and other industrial processes
Break-out session: Ammonia synthesis via chemical looping process - Ping Chen
> 12:00 > Here we report that alkali and alkaline earth metal imides function as nitrogen carriers
Lunch Break
Session 3
Session: Will be submitted later - Rob Stevens
> 13:30 > Will be submitted later
Break-out session: Modular PEM water electrolysis - Denis Thomas
> 14:00 > Best-in Class for renewable ammonia production
Break-out session: Making Renewable Ammonia and Hydrogen to Fuel My Farm Tractor - Jay Schmuecker
> 14:00 > Describtion of the system and information on its performance
Session: Will be submitted later - René Sejer Laursen
> 14:30 > Will be submitted later
Break-out session: The use of ammonia in HCCI piston engines - Maxime Pochet
> 14:30 > This presentation summarizes the work done on ammonia HCCI piston engines
Coffee Break
Session 4
Break-out session: Safe and effective application of ammonia as a marine fuel - Niels de Vries
> 15:30 > The results of a theoretical research including an outlook on new developments on the implementation of ammonia as a marine fuel
Break-out session: Ammonia recovery from waste waters for power production in a solid oxide fuel cell - Niels van Linden
> 15:30 > The context and the design of the From Pollutant to Power concept
Break-out session: Will be submitted later - Jebin James
> 16:00 > Will be submitted later
Break-out session: Brown Ammonia for Power - Sally Hewlett
> 16:00 > This work investigates the potential of by-product ammonia, co-fired with COG as a support fuel
Session 5
Session: Will be submitted later - Will be submitted later
> 16:30 > Will be submitted later
Closure of conference day 1 - Bob Wind
> 16:55 > Wrap up of conference day 1
Networking Drinks & Walking dinner
> 17:00 - 20:00